I have been very fortunate to have a growing list of long-term clients which entrust my team with the wonderful task of keeping their homes fresh and clean.  My team would like to add you to that list also.  Green House Cleaning was founded in 2008 as I was cleaning my own home.  Then it hit me, why not clean others as well.  So it began, my journey to ensure that not only my family’s home was clean, comfortable and free of chemicals, but yours was to.  I have always been a firm believer that natural cleaners are not only good for our homes and our health,  but what could possibly be better for the environment.  The future of our planet does rely on all our small efforts to improve and enrich our lives.

We will clean your house from top to bottom. Get into every nook and cranny, clean it all until it shines!!! Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly you set the schedule.  We also offer move-ins and move-out cleans.  You create the schedule that is individual to meet your needs.  We use only our Environmentally Friendly cleaning products and supplies.

We offer many extras if you like, for extra greens of course.  We can organize cupboards and closets, wash windows, or clean out refrigerators. We can bring fresh-cut flower, or drop off small goodwill donations. Just let us know ahead of time and we can set it up!!!